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During the hot summer months not only humans like to enjoy the hot weather, sunbathing, relaxing and spending time outside. Also our canine pals like that a lot! Did you know that not only humans but also dogs can suffer from over exposure to the sun, including overheating, dehydration and sunburn?

Here are some tips of how to prevent your dog suffering from the heat:

1. Do not leave your dog alone in a vehicle. A dog can get hyperthermia – better known as heat stroke. Often, parking in the shade with slightly open windows is not enough to keep the temperature down in a car.

2. When travelling with your dog, always make sure that fresh water and shade are available. Avoid long car journeys in warm weather.

3. Make sure before taking you dog to a beach that you are permitted to take your dog with you. This avoids the decision of letting your dog wait in the car.

4. When having a barbecue keep your dog away from matches, lighter fluid, candles or left over bones, which could harm your pet.

5. Keep you dog away from any plants possibly sprayed with chemicals, such as insecticides.