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From time to time our homeless friends need a little extra support for various reasons. For instance, occasionally an owner has to have a hospital admission. They are always extremely anxious about what will happen to their dog whilst they are receiving extra support, and they are understandably very reluctant to leave their dog.

We can offer peace of mind to the owners by arranging a Foster Home for their dog until they are in a position to have their dog back with them.

Becoming a Dog Foster Carer means you are providing invaluable support in caring for a dog who really needs reassurance and understanding whilst they are apart from their owner.

As a Dog Foster Carer, we would like you to feed and walk the dog – we provide the food for the duration of the dog’s stay, and we ask that all walks will be on a lead. Any veterinary care needed will be undertaken by our own Vet.

Apart from providing food, we also provide bedding, a collar, lead, dog coat if necessary, dog toys, bowls, treats and anything else that is needed, for their stay.

When we are looking for a Dog Foster carer, we look for someone who shows compassion, empathy and the appreciation that every dog is an individual. We would like a Dog Foster Carer to have some experience of dogs, either by having been an dog owner, or working with dogs.

We prefer a house that has no other animals, but if you have a dog with no behavioural or medical issues, please still get in touch as the dog who we are looking to foster might be used to other dogs. We home-check all new prospective Dog Foster Carers, a very informal visit which usually lasts about 20 minutes. Some of the things we look for are things like access to a secure outside area, whether it is a private garden or communal area, how many people live in the house, whether there is somewhere for the dog to have a quiet place where he can take himself off to if he needs to. We can also answer a lot of your questions at this visit.

Ideally we look for homes with no young children, although we will consider children over the age of 12.

The length of time of a foster depends very much on each individual case, but it can range from a couple of nights to six weeks. Very often it can be an emergency situation when we need help and we get very little warning that we need a foster home, but we try to give as much notice as possible.

To become a Dog Foster Carer with Care For The Paw, please complete the application form and we will contact you to arrange a home visit.